Gary Snyder is a Pulitzer Prize-winning poet and author.  He wrote this poem in 1969.


The Revolution in The Revolution In The Revolution


The country surrounds the city
The back country surrounds the country

"From the masses to the masses" the most
Revolutionary consciousness is to be found
Among the most ruthlessly exploited classes:
Animals, trees, water, air, grasses

We must pass through the stage of the
"Dictatorship of the Unconscious" before we can
Hope for the withering-away of the states
And finally arrive at true Communionism

if the capitalists and imperialists

are the exploiters, the masses are the workers.

and the party

is the communist

if civilzation

is the exploiter, the masses is nature.

and the party

is the poets.

if the abstact rational intellect

is the exploiter, the masses is the unconscious

and the party

is the yogins.

comes out of the seed-syllables of mantras.


Gary Snyder (Earth House Hold, 1969)