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Lewis Strategic was founded by in 2016 to help organizations accelerate in their efforts to make meaningful contributions to their community and stakeholders.  LewisStrat is a collaborative enterprise led by founder Scott Lewis, who assembles teams to provide tailored solutions to the unique opportunities presented by each client and situation.



Scott Lewis was born in New York, raised in Oregon, has lived in Boston, DC, the Bay Area, Michigan and Colorado, and has traveled all over the world including a year in India, Nepal and Tibet.

Scott is a social enterprise strategy and leadership advisor and the founder and former CEO of Brightworks Sustainability, one of the leading sustainability consulting practices in the US. At the time Scott sold Brightworks to his employees in 2015, the firm had 18 professional staff working from offices in Portland, Oakland, Los Angeles, Seattle and New York, serving clients as varied as Facebook, Google, Apple and Nike, Boeing, NOAA, NASA, the University of California, Stanford, and city and state governments across the United States. Prior to Brightworks, Scott co-founded two businesses and did environmental policy work for NGOs and national policy makers.

Scott was the founding chairperson of the Portland Sustainability Institute (now a national NGO, EcoDistricts), and has served on the boards of the Northwest Earth Institute, Oregon Natural Resources Council (now Oregon Wild!), Portland State University Business School, and two industrial companies (one publicly traded, one privately held) involved in shipping, real estate development and steel manufacturing and recycling.

Scott is the author of The Rainforest Book (distributed by NRDC), the Sierra Club Guide to Safe Drinking Water and a dozen magazine articles. His photography has also been published in magazines, catalogues and books.

Scott received his BA with honors in Political Economy at Colorado College and is a graduate of Stanford Law School and the National Outdoor Leadership School.  He lives in the Wood River Valley of Idaho with his wife and cat, while doing his best to contribute to local and regional sustainability efforts and striving to achieve unattainable goals in a variety of creative endeavors.


Currently Scott is a member of the Ketchum Sustainability Advisory Committee, the Blaine County Sustainability & Climate Advisory Committee, the Wood River Valley Climate Action Coalition, and a board member of the Sun Valley Institute for Resilience.  



And occasionally charming the random snake


Scott Lewis
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