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Drawing on nearly three decades of experience in the public sector, non-profits and business, Lewis Strategic supports a select group of clients in understanding how a small set of key principles will determine their long term success, and to help them bring their organization to greater alignment with those principles.


This is a one-on-one, high-leverage consulting practice serving only clients committed to transformational, high-aspiration outcomes.


Services include:

  • Business Case for Sustainability: Evaluation, training and analysis of current strategy and operation against opportunities and risks created by core principles of ecological, social and economic sustainability

  • Vision-Based Planning facilitation : using practical strategies to aim for highly aspirational goals

  • High level executive briefings (boards, senior management, and key stakeholders)

  • Training, workshops and employee engagement programs to support culture change, professional development, or application and integration of core performance principles

  • Program design, planning, support, execution and integration

  • Support for internal or external communications regarding current and anticipated core principle alignment efforts



>> "What would it mean for my organization to be in alignment with the core scientific principles that define triple bottom line sustainability?"

>> "We're not sure we understand the risks and opportunities associated with a robust sustainability program."

>> "Our current ESG program seems to be stuck - we have lofty goals, but we aren't getting much done because everyone's got more pressing priorities.  What can we do?"

>> "We're doing a lot of good stuff but our CSR reports don't really tell the story.  We need some help telling our staff, our customers, our investors and the world what we're doing!"

>> "We have fifteen different definitions of sustainability and no one really knows what it means and what we should do about it.  Can you help us?"

>> "We'd like to be the most sustainable company in our industry.  What would that mean for us, and how would it benefit us?"



* Many of the best laid plains gather dust on the shelf due to lack of execution and integration plans or capability.  We can help with that.


All our work is backed by a full client satisfaction guarantee.



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